• Free & Flowing Spring Fashion

    Free & Flowing

    Free and Flowing Spring Fashion Free and loose-fitting summer clothes are timelessly fashionable (and not to mention comfortable!), and styling for the sunnier days doesn’t have to be any harder than a couple of pretty pieces to achieve the perfectly summery glam. Off-the-shoulder tops have also been increasingly popular over the past year, with the …

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  • Cool and Casual Blog

    Cool and Casual

    Cool and Casual Spring Fashion British Springs… Where do we start? First it’s chilly, then it’s lovely and warm, then the sun comes in and it’s cold again. The dilemma of how many layers to wear is something us Brits know better than anyone. So how do we face the British Springtime when it comes …

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  • Beautiful In Block

    Beautiful In Block

    Beautiful in block When thinking about weddings, many things come into mind. Usually, when you think of womenswear, you imagine feminine, colourful – but these are usually dresses. For every woman out these who loves to wear dresses to weddings, there’s probably another who would rather arrive in trousers – something that we much more …

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  • Orange You Gorgeous

    Orange You Gorgeous

    Orange You Gorgeous ‘Tis the season to get hitched! It’s that time of year when the wedding invitations begin to come in, and we are very ready to put our frocks on and party the night away. The one worry with the season of outings is having enough outfits to go around. We don’t necessarily …

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  • Relaxed Office Chic

    Relaxed Office Chic

    Relaxed Office Chic Keeping your office wardrobe fresh can feel like a chore. The days come and go and it can be easy to reach for the couple of go-to outfits you always wear. When it comes to office wear, it’s important to switch up your items to create new looks. You don’t necessarily need …

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  • Juno Elle Clutch Bag

    Perfect Pastels

    Spring Fashion Perfect Pastels There’s nothing better than knowing the sun’s returning. As the temperature (slowly) begins to rise, we get more and more keen to put away the coats and scarfs.  We’re looking at here at spring fashion in perfect pastels. Let’s bring out last year’s summer pieces – and a few new ones!  …

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  • 2017 Trends straight from London Fashion Week

    London Fashion Week and what it means for your wardrobe. At its core, London Fashion week is an important, six-day industry event that allows designers to show their collections to buyers, journalists and, of course, the odd celebrity, but it also maintains the city’s status as a top fashion capital. Granted, the sometimes extreme designs on ultra …

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  • Handbag Trends 2016

    #Handbagtrends2016 With the Fashion Weeks over we have finally had time to lust over all of the different looks that appeared on the runway. As a woman’s most coveted accessory we are beyond excited about seeing some of these trends in the new Juno 2016 collection…watch this space!

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  • Reptile Skin

    #ReptileSkin You’ll be happy to hear that the use of animal skins is not just for AW. From snakes to alligator, the luxe prints are still vey much on trend for SS. Colours may vary but it’s the natural hues that are set to be BIG. Our ever practical Cleo satchel is the perfect way …

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  • Getting Organised

    #Gettingorganised Finding the perfect companion for work can be tricky. A desirable piece that is practical for all of your day to day essentials, yet stylish enough for you to wear with any outfit. The top handle is this season’s ladylike winner, however sometimes a single handle is not enough and shoulder straps must be …

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